Donation Procedure Update – Oct

Effective 10.20.20, the Resource Center will begin accepting Thrift Donations anytime the Thrift Store is open. (Please see our new hours for both the store and food shelf)

1. Until further notice, please bring donations to the back of the building and put them directly into the back storage shed. Please practice social distancing during this time.
2. Utilize the shelving inside the shed to maximize storage capacity. Do not leave items on the floor.
3. DO NOT bring clothing items that have stains, fading, pilling, holes, etc. Or other items that are broken, damaged, obsolete or missing pieces. PLEASE read and follow our donation guidelines. Also review the list of things we DO NOT accept for donations. We have very limited disposal space for items that are not fit to be sold. The Resource Center is not to be treated as a “community dumpster”, so please be respectful and follow our guidelines. There is no longer a pickup from a “poundage” company. We pay for our garbage to be hauled away just the same as everyone else.
4. We will be taking donations on a first come, first serve basis. If the shed becomes full at anytime, staff may lock the shed door and we won’t take donations for the remainder of that day. Please bring donations another day. We hope it will be rare occurrence that we cannot keep up with donations. 
Questions – please call the Center 507-932-5203. Thanks for your cooperation and support – We greatly appreciate our donors! 

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